Paisaje de viñedos en La Rioja Alavesa

The best wines and the most famous wineries in the north of the region, the Rioja Alavesa.

On the northeastern bank of the Ebro river, extending over hundreds of square kilometers in the south of Alava, Rioja Alavesa is locatedA sea of vineyards next to wineries, historic winemakers and innovative architecture create a unique setting for the visitor.

La Rioja Alavesa is an international benchmark for wine tourism where you can discover megalithic monuments and Bronze Age sites, enjoy vineyards dotted with medieval villages and visit designer wineries with the latest advances in winemaking innovation.

Vineyards in the northern zone are located on clay-limestone soils and are located on terraces or small plots whose northern orientation gives them a particular Atlantic climate, which is more humid and generally colder than in other areas of the Rioja. Wines with their own unique aromas that perfectly represent the values of this land..

Wineries Rioja Alavesa