Our mission is to turn our customers' experience in Haro into an unforgettable memory.

The Señorío de Haro Apartments were born out of a dreamThe result of the illusion of two sisters who in early 2017 arrived in the capital of La Rioja Alta in love with its culture, its wine, its gastronomy and its people.

At Señorío de Haro, in addition to running tourist apartments where we we offer a first class stay; we want to make your experience in La Rioja, together with your partner, friends and family, an unforgettable memory.

We want you to feel at home, to share your experience in La Rioja with the ones you love the most and to enjoy unique experiences.. We even have the capacity to accommodate up to 94 people simultaneously; so large celebrations, congress attendees or participants of special events are welcome.


Gastronomy and enology; Nature activities and sports; Incredible landscapes, culture and tradition; Experiences and fun with family, friends and couples.

We devised and created rooms in the heart of Haro, with a Vintage air and a small tribute to the Riojan tradition. Our guests feel the essence of this land from the first minute, just as we two felt it that spring of 2017.

If you want information about our apartments, activities that you can do during your stay in Haro, or if you have any special request/suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us and we will attend you immediately.

Enjoy your stay in the wine capital!

Paisaje de La Rioja