Discover the nature and landscapes of La Rioja through the best known and the most secret hiking routes.

For families, couples or friendsnature and hiking lovers, We bring you different routes, some already famous and others still unknown, to discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Rioja region.

La Rioja is ideal for a relaxing and adventurous vacation, ideal for active families, mountaineering friends and hiking couples. Discover its natural corners and small towns full of charm with the routes that we propose:

Hiking routes in the Rioja Alta

1- Circular route of the Castle of Davalillo: simple route of 7 kilometers and almost two hours that begins from Baños de Ebro and from Mañueta with almost no slope.  A quiet walk ideal for the whole family and accessible by public transport.

ruta de senderismo del castillo davalillo en la Rioja Alta

2- Briñas circular route from Haro: A walk of just over 8 and a half kilometers, with little slope and moderate difficulty that starts next to the parking lot. Ideal for people with any level to enjoy the river and the nature of the area.

Ruta de senderismo circular del Puente de Briñas desde Haro para hacer en familia o con amigos en La Rioja Alta
puente de Briñas de la ruta de senderismo circular desde Haro, en la Rioja Alta

3- Suso Monastery Route: A circular route from San Millán de la Cogolla. Almost an hour long and with some slope, perfect for people who are used to nature walks and enjoy nature.

Ruta de senderismo circular del Monasterio Suso en La Rioja Alta
Monasterio Suso en la ruta de senderismo circular que sale desde San Millán de la Cogolla, la Rioja Alta

4- Route of the Puente del Priorato: A moderate circular route of two hours and a half of duration with almost 10 kilometers of route. It is important to be in good physical shape for a long route.

mapa de la Ruta de senderismo del puente del Priorato desde Anguciana en la Rioja Alta
puente del Priorato en el recorrido circular de la ruta de senderismo desde Anguciana en la Rioja Alta

5- Water route of the Inglares river: A circular route near the Rioja Alta of moderate difficulty that starts from Berganzo with some slope and 2:30 of duration. With more than 8 kilometers, the route requires good physical shape and energy, but it is simple and easy to access.

Ruta del Agua por el río Inglares. recorrido circular Berganzo, cerca de La Rioja Alta

Rioja Alavesa hiking trails

Ruta de senderismo por viñedos y lagunas de la Rioja Alavesa que comienza en Laguardia

1- Lagunas, vineyards and Laguardia route: A moderate route of 3:30 minutes that starts next to the parking lot of Laguardia. It is a simple route but you need to be in good physical shape.

mapa de la Ruta de senderismo de Laguardia, que pasa por lagunas y viñedos de la Rioja Alavesa
Ruta de montaña en la rioja alavesa

2- San Tirso mountain route (1333m): Moderate circular route of the Bonete de San Tirso starting from Krispan. The route is 3:30 of duration of almost 10 kilometers with enough unevenness ideal for people who love hiking.

mapa de la ruta de montaña en la Rioja Alavesa
La Rioja en Verano

3- San Juan Church, circular route from Laguardia: Easy walk ideal for the family of 6 and a half kilometers and an hour and a half of duration. The trail starts at the parking lot and runs along the lagoon.

mapa de la ruta de la Iglesia de San Juan en Laguardia de un recorrido en la Rioja Alavesa

Rutas de senderismo la Rioja Oriental

1- Inestrillas and San Felices castle route: Moderate route of almost 17 kilometers with a medium elevation gain. The hike requires good physical shape, lasts 4:40 and is included in the Biosphere Reserve of La Rioja.

Ruta circular del castillo Inestrillas y San Felices, recorre Aguilar del río Alhama, en la Rioja Oriental
Ruta circular de senderismo Camino Verde Alhama que comienza en Cervera del Río Alhama en la Rioja Oriental

2- Senda de La Blanca, Ermita de Lomos de Orios, Puente Ra: Moderate circular route of more than three hours with mostly accessible trails. It is almost 19 kilometers long and requires a steady pace.

mapa de la ruta moderada la senda blanca. Ermita de los Lomos de los Orios, puente de Ra en la Rioja Oriental

3- Circular route of the Dinosaurs: Simple hike from Enciso of almost two and a half hours and three kilometers long. It has 330 meters of elevation gain and is perfect to walk with the family and enjoy unique dinosaur footprints.

ruta de los Dinosaurios sencilla para toda la familia en la Rioja Oriental